The real magic lies somewhere in between the big ideas and the finer details
Exceptional spas and wellness experiences

Our Services

Guided by the adage of form and function and a commitment to collaboration, we develop adaptive and enduring spaces that are site-sensitive, brand-centric, and reflective of local context and culture.

Concept + Identity

We endeavor to understand the place, to extract what is special, unique, and desirable about each location and destination.

Design Development

Interfacing with the entire design and development team, our role is designed to enhance the development process through a functional and operational lens, while facilitating informed decisions about the overall scope, size, and signature features of the spa.

Programming + Menu

We specialize in creating distinctive and multidimensional service offerings that combine timeless therapeutic modalities with the latest know-how, emerging trends, and leading-edge technology.

Retail + Product Development

Generating high-margin revenue opportunities, a distinct and compelling retail strategy also delivers a richer guest experience and a more tangible brand identity.

Pre-opening + Implementation

As former operators we are grounded in the functional realities of the industry, translating a complex system of people and processes into a robust business model and seamless spa experience.

Marketing Reinforcement

Throughout our history of creating world-class spas, we have been recognized by accolades, awards, and consistent media attention for capturing authentic attributes that resonate with guests to drive awareness and utilization as they are introduced to the market.

Operational Mentorship

People and process are the essence of this industry. We create solid operating models that translate a complex set of functions into something enlightened, efficient, and seemingly effortless.

Residential Services

As the wellness movement continues to accelerate, luxury consumers are rethinking their home environments to satisfy their specific wellness needs and lifestyle.

Spa Alkemia at Zadún, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve
The Spa at Auberge Du Soleil

Over two decades, in partnership with our clients and collaborators, we’ve created a portfolio of award-winning projects.