Spa Business Industry Predictions

Tracy Lee

Featured in Spa Business Handbook 2023, Tracy Lee, President + Founder of TLEE Spas + Wellness, shares her industry insights and predictions.

For those taking a proactive approach to wellness, the spa is a vehicle to balance optimal performance with recovery, restoration and regeneration. Most of the spa environments we create cater to a “work hard, play hard” mentality, with offerings geared toward recovery from heavy training and active pursuits, including contrast bathing and technology-based biohacking such as LED light and cryotherapy.

At Halehouse Spa at Stanly Ranch in California, highly customised wellness programmes are designed to improve performance and recovery. Situated at the spa’s core, the Springhouse Circuit is a series of hot and cold contrast experiences and technology boosts designed to activate the body’s natural healing processes. The spa features a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and salt inhalation room, after which guests can shift into a restorative sauna session, bodywork, or skincare services.

Sound healing is gaining awareness, with an influx of environments, equipment and intentional music to reset the brain through acoustic and vibrational therapy and, in general, to create positive, healing outcomes. Integrated with a high-tech recovery circuit involving cryotherapy and infrared treatments, a session at Equinox Hotel Hudson Yards in New York utilises a spa and harmonic resonance table, delivering vibro-acoustical therapy to help guests shift into deep rest mode, improving focus and mental clarity. The forward-thinking Savasana Sound Room, which launched in 2019 at Spa Alkemia at Zadun, a Ritz Carlton Reserve, in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, harnesses the same underlying principles as the Wave Table, but in this case, the whole room is engineered for immersive sound therapy that resonates from the floor and walls throughout the entire body.