Gurney's Resort
& Seawater Spa

Montauk, New York
20,000 ft2
Scope of Services
  • Concept
  • Menu Design
  • Strategic Brand Partners

To coincide with this famed Hamptons spa landmark’s ground-up rebuild, we were tasked to create a robust strategy and storyline to define its underlying DNA and lay the groundwork for leading-edge service offerings.

Anchoring the spa experience to the property’s unique on-site seawater wells and its prime oceanfront location, the powerful healing properties of mineral-rich water and the surrounding marine environment take center stage.

Blending time-tested philosophies with emerging trends and local influences, the Seawater Spa is a modern mash-up of health club, spa retreat, and social hub within a single destination that delivers a reset in communion with nature through modern thalassotherapy rituals; contrast bathing and hydrotherapy; advanced skincare and bodywork; and robust fitness offerings. 

The end result: a vibrant wellness and personal care destination that aligns with the brand’s evolving identity, appealing equally to Gurney’s multigenerational following and a new generation of wellness enthusiasts. 


We tapped into the rejuvenating effects of the seaside environment that permeates the entire property, which is the only beachfront resort in the Hamptons, and the only oceanfront spa experience in the area. Positioning the healing properties of seawater and the salt-enriched seaside air as a catalyst for a wellness-enriched lifestyle, we leveraged the property’s unique advantage as the only spa in the United States with access to fresh seawater to inform a new spa menu and diverse wellness experiences.

Michael Lahm, Vice President + COO
TLEE Spas + Wellness