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Tlee Spas is a globally recognized spa design and consulting firm specializing in designing spa facilities for hotels.
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Our approach to designing and developing a spa is infused with a variety of ingredients.
Based upon the unique variables of each project, we blend these essential elements
in equal measure to arrive at a unique blend of guidance and collaboration that
defines and differentiates our process.


We endeavor to understand the place, to extract what is special, unique and desirable about each location and destination.


We respect and acknowledge the financial goals of our clients. We work together to create a balanced experience to optimize both creativity and profitability.


We are drawn to the challenges and opportunities associated with projects that aspire to set themselves apart, raise the bar and make a lasting impact by surpassing preconceptions and predictability.


As with everything in life, relationships matter. Our access and connections to the industry’s leading resources and suppliers ensure that each and every project benefits from these alliances.


Our proposed solutions are rooted in reality and practical experience. They are build-able, executable, and leverage the lessons learned from other projects.


People and process are the essence of this industry. We create solid operating models that translate a complex set of functions into something enlightened, efficient and seemingly effortless.


Spa enthusiasts, sophisticated travelers, and top tier customers and clients are smart…therefore gimmicks, superficiality, and passing trends are never part of the equation.


Proactive and professional, we adapt to the realities and opportunities of each project team to guide a seamless blend of inspired form, flexible function and solid performance.


As wellness continues its ascension into the mainstream and expands it appeal to a multigenerational market, how we collectively think about Spa continues to evolve and expand, dependent upon location, audience, brand and business model.

Both a clear vision and powerful story are necessary to articulate an identity, positioning and defining characteristics that guide the collective vision and resonate with guests.


Positioning spa at the heart of the hospitality experience, we create meaningful spaces and transformative experiences that resonate with guests and strengthen the underlying brand proposition.

Interfacing with the entire design team, our participation is designed to frame and facilitate critical decisions in the overall scope, facilities, size, and signature features of the spa.


We specialize in creating a distinctive, fully integrated portfolio of spa treatments, beauty and grooming services, fitness, wellness disciplines and educational/cultural components that deliver something powerful, meaningful and special.

Including 3rd party brand partners and signature products and protocols, each project is a custom proposition: TLee Spas maintains no exclusive affiliation with any supplier or service provider.


As former operators we are grounded in the functional realities of the industry. As the spa experience takes shape we translate a complex system of people and process into a structure that is effective, efficient and seemingly effortless.

Services include recruitment and training, service standards, treatment protocols, procurement and strategic brand partnerships.


In addition to high-margin revenue opportunities, a distinct, compelling and evolving retail concept delivers a richer guest experience and more tangible brand identity.

Supporting the portfolio of 3rd party brands and strategic partnerships, we specialize in turnkey development of a strategic assortment of private label products across amenity, retail and professional categories.


Throughout our history of creating world-class spas, we have been recognized by accolades, awards and consistent media attention for capturing authentic and interesting attributes that resonate with guests to drive awareness and patronage as they are introduced to market.